Stain Resistant Carpet Brands

We carry a wide selection of stain resistant carpets that protect your home and can stand up to even the toughest spills

Stain Resistant Brands


STAINMASTER brands carpets have been a household name for years, which means it can be trusted. This pet and family friendly carpet is also available at friendly price points.

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Know for their fun textures and styles, Tigressa carpets offer three different product ranges great for any household.

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Relax It's...Lee's

The most pet friendly carpet on the market, Lee's carpets offers customers and incredible warranty.

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Cleaning Tips

Looking for some stain cleaning tips?

Know your warranty

Each manufacturer offers warranties on their products, check with the warranty instructions to know what products to use on your carpets.

Cleaning Tip

Always blot - never rub a spill. If you rub a spill, it actually pushes the stain into the carpet fibers, making it harder to clean.

Cleaning Products

We offer carpet cleaning products that are safe to use on pre-treated stain resistant carpets. 





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